Day 2 - From Marfa to Big Bend Ranch State Park

This was the view from our campsite at the Tumble In RV Park when we woke up in Marfa on the second day of our trip. We packed up and headed to Big Bend Ranch State Park...

Elephant Rock, off of Hwy 67 between Marfa and Big Bend Ranch State Park. 

These three photos are all of the view from Los Ojitos campsite at Big Bend Ranch State Park. 

As soon as we got camp set up, we headed out in Damion's jeep. In this photo we are heading into Fresno Canyon Road. If you look closely you can see Madison standing in the center of the image. 

Madison is in this photo too. 

The variety of cacti is incredible! These photos were taken as we got closer and closer to that mountain. 

I walked down a hill to get a photo... it was much harder to get back up it again. That's Gary in Damion's jeep, they patiently waited for me. LOL

We found ancient handprints on a cave wall in the desert. 

I really liked the way these rocks curved and twisted.

Most of the cacti were flowering. 

The remains of the Crawford Smith House and outbuildings are at the end of the Fresno Canyon Trail. 

Forgotten boots on the windowsill. 

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